Start Your Dream Blog

For Introverts & Fellow Dreamers.

Join my FREE 5-day blogging challenge that will teach you how to start and launch your new dream blog to the world - with online confidence.

A challenge specifically designed for introverts and my fellow dreamers out there that know they are meant for more than the ordinary and live life on their own introverted terms. ✨

Hey dreamer! I'm Mia.

I'm so thrilled to meet a fellow introvert who wants to start her own dream blog.

I strive to empower introverts to start profitable blogs, shine online (with confidence), and chase dreams so they can live life on their own introverted terms – and work from the safe space of their own home all the while living a freedom-filled and extraordinary life.

This challenge is very near and dear to my heart because blogging truly changed my life (as dramatic as it sounds).

I started my blog on a whim back 2018 and since then I have grown it into a community of over 100.000 monthly readers and I make money in my sleep. *The dream*

But it's not just about the money.
Through blogging I...

  • I found my voice
  • I found my passion
  • I found my confidence
  • I found my people

Now I want the same for you.

Quiet people can do amazing things.

What she's saying about the FREE challenge.

"I just want to write an email because why not! I am doing your 5-day crash course and I can honestly say that you have inspired me more than any of the other things I have found on the world wide web.

I just want to say..... THANK YOU :) you have really shown me what exactly I want to blog about. and let me tell you I have been sitting on this for a year and a half!! I just find you amazing and the work you are doing for me and other women and men (possibly) is just truly inspirational (cue the tears)."

- Lisa from Ireland

An overview of what you'll learn.

  • DAY 1: Reasons why blogging + introversion is a match made in heaven
  • DAY 2: Deciding on your blog name and what to blog about
  • DAY 3: How to set up your new blog & make your blog look dreamy
  • DAY 4: Getting visitors to your new dream blog
  • DAY 5: How to make money online with your dream blog

I cannot wait to go on this amazing journey with you!

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